GENIUS TikTok Food Hacks To Do When You're Bored at Home!

2020 5 آوریل
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If you're hungry and bored at home and we KNOW you are.. here are some GENIUS food hacks to try at home!!
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  • I feel like everyone is only mentioning Alan i mean Alex is my crush even doe everyone ie saying he’s fat

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  • I am feeling Hungary mum can I have food. 😂

  • The first one is actually called homemade Taco Bell

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  • I tried the Cheeto omleto and it is amazing!

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  • i love your viddos

  • Alan is wearing a fake love clothe

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  • I tried all of the food hacks and they were all easy, tasty and fun thank you for doing this video

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  • the deserts literally had me drooling

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  • They did the last one wrong because ur not supposed to mix it

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  • Who is hungry when you watch this video 👇

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