Gifts you get your friends vs Gifts they get you

2019 6 ژانویه
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Gifts you get your friends vs Gifts they get you.. Seems to me I'm always getting my friends the BEST gifts and they're always getting me the WORST gifts ever!!
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• CHVRCHES - The Mother We Share (Moon Boots Remix)
• Tom Odell - Another love (Zwette Edit)
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  • Hey guys! Sorry for the short video this week, next week’s video will be a lot longer and better 😊❤️

    Stokes TwinsStokes Twinsپیش سال
    • It's short but the best as always

      Kirththika YogiKirththika Yogiپیش 2 ماه
    • Love u

      Mohandas GMohandas Gپیش 5 ماه
    • I love you guys

      Mi nøchåMi nøchåپیش 5 ماه

      Emme OberEmme Oberپیش سال
    • It's ok and I sometimes don't get my sister Tatiana a gift sorry I 🙏😓😓💦🙏😓😓💦🙏😓😓💦 am forgetful but I have never gotten my friends something cause they don't get me something

      •CuteMxchi ••CuteMxchi •پیش سال
  • Its okay

    Neil DunlopNeil Dunlopپیش 14 روز
  • I love you 😎😍😉🤩😀🐆🐅🐈

    Neil DunlopNeil Dunlopپیش 16 روز
  • I just realized I'm watching this after 1 year

    Taslima ShaikhTaslima Shaikhپیش ماه
  • ?????????

    hani حانیهhani حانیهپیش ماه
  • Alex's jawline 😍😍

    Divya GuptaDivya Guptaپیش 2 ماه
  • 2020 sucks im going back to 2019

    Sky kSky kپیش 2 ماه
  • THIS IS SO TRUE!! They'll get me like chocolate or something, and I'll get them like a old you I had when I was like 3 years old lol😂😂😂

    Umbreon LoverUmbreon Loverپیش 3 ماه
  • The sock had me going, I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

    KayleighKayleighپیش 5 ماه
  • Hey i love you guys ♥♥

    Mi nøchåMi nøchåپیش 5 ماه
  • So relatable 😂

    Alina NampweyaAlina Nampweyaپیش 6 ماه
  • What the what they want to do a big deal but they are not going there.

    Tipene WhanauTipene Whanauپیش 6 ماه
  • My sister has corolgy

    Tara TrackartistTara Trackartistپیش 6 ماه
  • I gave Them Love and They gave Me Talkis. Lmao and I wish i had money than i would get it.

    Lilly SheaLilly Sheaپیش 7 ماه
  • Hi

    Willem KidjoWillem Kidjoپیش 7 ماه
  • I love u guys so much ilygsm plz heart my comment❤

    Grace SwickGrace Swickپیش 10 ماه
  • This made me remember when i bought my friend a rc monster truck and a robot and all he gave me was just a little bell :(

    MattMattپیش 11 ماه
  • What was Alan doing in the bathroom lol

    Mia YuppieMia Yuppieپیش 11 ماه
  • 0:26 that is me!

    Cavalli_forever RobloxCavalli_forever Robloxپیش سال
  • Wow....every single comment got likes❤

    Zephyr 22Zephyr 22پیش سال
  • In the bathroom??😕😲🤛me to bro

    _MJ_ Tickle__MJ_ Tickle_پیش سال
  • I love you guys you guys are so funny

    oye kunleoye kunleپیش سال
  • Anyone see Shane/Shawn sorry if I’m spelling it wrong.. he was in the back filming

    Sarah WilkinsonSarah Wilkinsonپیش سال
  • You guys shot this in the bathroom??

    blessblessپیش سال
  • When its my birthday:I wanna get a good gift and not puzzles or little girly things Inside the gift:Puzzle Me: why only puzzles ;-;

    Dorina TörökDorina Törökپیش سال
  • I so didn't see Shane Mendes 👀👀

    Aaliyah Lil.aaliyahhAaliyah Lil.aaliyahhپیش سال
  • It doesn’t matter the video is short or long.The important please keep in touch with fans every week😊Love u both.Especially alex☺️

    M PoemyM Poemyپیش سال
  • Which twin is better?!? Comment 😂 for Alex and 🤣 for Alan

    Kaci ButlerKaci Butlerپیش سال
    • 😂🤣i love them both

      Olivia DarnallOlivia Darnallپیش سال
  • Can you post more often

    HajiraHajiraپیش سال
  • Alex,ur hairstyle is different 🤔🤔

    savitha trsavitha trپیش سال
  • Shain in the mirror like😂😂😂

    Xeerowayne AdanXeerowayne Adanپیش سال
  • love u guys so much u r my favourite utuber if u like my comment it will make my day

    Kamy BaruaKamy Baruaپیش سال
  • do o shoot with phone? what? that is y ur mice is....... while Brent's js different

    Kamy BaruaKamy Baruaپیش سال
  • I was just looking at the cameraman from the mirror...

    Aada WulliAada Wulliپیش سال
  • Hiçbir şey anlamıyorum ama yine de mal mal gülüyorum

    Adile AydınAdile Aydınپیش سال
  • This video sucked

    Hoop ShotsHoop Shotsپیش سال
  • Wait is Shane ur roommate? Cause he's in ur bathroom

    Stephanie DavidStephanie Davidپیش سال
  • I got a fraing pan

    Brianna TewBrianna Tewپیش سال
  • WTH the mirror 💀

    Kwando RadebeKwando Radebeپیش سال
  • Can you answer me. What program do you use for make video?

    Айзада АмангелдыАйзада Амангелдыپیش سال
  • They cute I'm gonna be honest 🤣☺

    coolpanda cruzcoolpanda cruzپیش سال
  • Notice * : their hair .... Same direction makes sense lol 😂 . . . . Seriously < gone nuts sorry > 😂

    W RW Rپیش سال
  • My friend got me my favorite album of BTS (wings) for christmas and I- I got her a BT21 Chimmy headband XD I mean its pretty much equal right...? BTS Albums r like $20 and so was the headband so I mean-

    CupOfTae ProductionsCupOfTae Productionsپیش سال
  • You guys are awesome, my boring day became much better thx One of my friends forgot to get me a gift a couple years ago (she remembered everyone else...hmm...) so pulled of her shoe and gave it to me. I still have it, size 6 womans nike left shoe lol

    Keanna DKeanna Dپیش سال
  • Love u guys soo much, BTW can u guys do some prank videos on BRENT

    Thushari ThotawatteThushari Thotawatteپیش سال
  • who is that guy filming

    Tayla Nguyen-KingmaTayla Nguyen-Kingmaپیش سال
  • Love you guys

    jason matuszakjason matuszakپیش سال
  • You're filming with a iphone

    lucijaa _lucijaa _پیش سال
  • As Alan opened his first present, I literally thought of Dobby 😂😂 Miss you Dobby... The video is awesome

    Smart VERCSmart VERCپیش سال
  • Alan hotter alex is cuter nd i like alex more

    Ayena gbabeAyena gbabeپیش سال
  • I wish I could see you ,this day I really enjoyed your videos😁

    Zuraya L DalayonZuraya L Dalayonپیش سال
  • Well, actually that is the opposite! I get my friends like a power bank and while my other friend gets a narwhale nightlight, I get one candy bar...

    Alyssa ZhouAlyssa Zhouپیش سال
  • HAHA you guys are sooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Emily TinsonEmily Tinsonپیش سال
  • You guys are great

    Elizabeth FloresElizabeth Floresپیش سال
  • I love u!!! I so want to go to USA!! ((( ♡♡

    Viktoria SViktoria Sپیش سال
  • Do U guys film with a phone?

    Supreme BartSupreme Bartپیش سال
  • 😆 I bought mah friend a full box of squishes,and than bought mah sister a notebook!LOL

    Not so funny comediansNot so funny comediansپیش سال
  • Bruh u only did one actually entertaining thing

    Gaba GabaGaba Gabaپیش سال
  • I’m the person who gets expensive gifts

    Gaba GabaGaba Gabaپیش سال
  • Did you see on 1:44 in the mirror

    NotMicah JonesNotMicah Jonesپیش سال
  • I got my friends... Air. LOL

    Rose JonesRose Jonesپیش سال
  • That's ok twin

    Lyka Paula Santos UeraLyka Paula Santos Ueraپیش سال
  • Brent I love you

    sunsets starssunsets starsپیش سال
  • ok

    sunsets starssunsets starsپیش سال
  • #savage

    Lali DavinciLali Davinciپیش سال

    Christina Durand GachaChristina Durand Gachaپیش سال
  • You're a free elf now 😂❤️

    Aitziber CuetoAitziber Cuetoپیش سال
  • My friend used to get me really good presents and I didn’t get her that good presents so I’m making up for it this year my spending £140 on 14 presents lol.I think I took it too far....

    Starstable LoverStarstable Loverپیش سال
  • No Alan, you should have said "Dobby is free.":) sock is not bad

    Alexandra TimoshenkoAlexandra Timoshenkoپیش سال
  • all of y'all guys is my favorite IRworldrs

    jameia boothjameia boothپیش سال
  • Can your mum and dad tell you apart

    Jane DuffJane Duffپیش سال
  • Love you guys forever😍😻👏😍😘😍😘❤

    •CuteMxchi ••CuteMxchi •پیش سال
  • I got salsa for my guy friends and then I got personalized gifts for my friends that are girls. I got a llamacorn pop socket for my friend Maggie and a fox mug for my friend Scarlett, marshmallows, a flip sequin body pillow, and a makup bag and they'res more but I cant remember for my friend Anna and a shark pop socket for my friend Erin.

    Auresa's WorldAuresa's Worldپیش سال
  • Hi maia

    Maia RuchMaia Ruchپیش سال
  • Am I the only one who thinks Alex is better looking.

    Aishath LuhaAishath Luhaپیش سال
  • 1:50 i see u on the mirror 😅

    Cutie BlackCutie Blackپیش سال
  • Hehe. A sock. You guys are funny.

    Swangs ShipperSwangs Shipperپیش سال
  • Brent sent me over here

    AjaneAjaneپیش سال
  • I give my friends candy and they give me camdy

    Randomly NicoleRandomly Nicoleپیش سال
  • My friend gifted me chocolates and a bracelet i gave my friend a dream catcher😂. Btw i love you guys a lot😘😂😂😂😂

    San LowtooSan Lowtooپیش سال
  • Love you guys ❤️

    Alexa iiiAlexa iiiپیش سال
  • the videos you guys make are the best, I don’t even care about the length.

  • You guy so amazing

    Samon PutheavySamon Putheavyپیش سال
  • I can't wait to get you guy's next video! ♥♥

    Bethany LinkhartBethany Linkhartپیش سال
  • Suggestion for new video Search some facts about twins on Google and tell us guys who many can you relate 😂😂😂 And If you do this please mention my name . Shruti Mohnani India, Indore . Love you stoke twins 😍😘

    Be kreativeBe kreativeپیش سال
  • Stokes Twins I was just wondering cuz I am a BTS fan as well, how do you feel about the new boy band TXT that bighit is bring out

    Blogs BBlogs Bپیش سال
  • Stokes twins Stokes twins Stokes twins Stokes twins Stokes twins now pin me please Im a fan!

    yummy cookieyummy cookieپیش سال
  • :)

    Cup QuatesCup Quatesپیش سال
  • You Two Are CUTE

    Cup QuatesCup Quatesپیش سال
  • I spent around $60 on my friend and SHE ONLY SPENT AROUND $20 ON ME but its fine

    K LeeK Leeپیش سال
  • I love you both so much 🤗❤y'all post the best videos 😢❤

    Nalisha ChettyNalisha Chettyپیش سال
  • 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Isabel María Santiago DíazIsabel María Santiago Díazپیش سال
  • pls stokes feet massage

    muhammet kasapmuhammet kasapپیش سال
  • I got a whole bunch of fluffy stuff; socks, a robe, shoes and yeah :)

    cherry jancherry janپیش سال
  • 💖 You guys. So amazing. What an inspiration you guys are to your viewers. Thank you for being so awesome, keep up the good work and cannot wait till your next video

    Kayla JestKayla Jestپیش سال
  • Me: Alan, are you from Jumanji? TheStokes: What?!! Me: Sorry, I'm just kidding. TheStokes: @&3£&))228 !!

    Hye JaeHye Jaeپیش سال
    • Actually I like both of you and your videos too! It's funny and awesome! You're the great twin!

      Hye JaeHye Jaeپیش سال
  • Portuguese legends🇧🇷🇧🇷 Please?❤️

    Layane AlmeidaLayane Almeidaپیش سال
  • It's okay. (Still would date Alan) (Sorry Alex) I LOVE you BOTH!! Have an Amazing year you two ;)!

  • Who’s the camera guy?

    Ahsoka TanoAhsoka Tanoپیش سال
  • 0:30 Hey bring him the car back!!

    Meka chan5Meka chan5پیش سال