Twin Swap DRIVE THRU Prank

2019 6 اوت
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This week we decided to do the Twin Drive Thru Swap Challenge! We pranked drive thru workers by switching places with each other. This was so much fun to do!!
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  • 😁😂😂🤣 Alex and Alan twins are best👍💯🔥🤘✌️

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  • 1:30 Alex : Are you ready? Editor: Sorry Mate

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  • I want to start a youtube channel for so long but I don't know if i should.

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  • Looklike all your prank backfire you else yours last one n it was really funny but not for too long because it also backfire you again 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Just imagine how much food they would be with after the vid lol 😂

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  • i want to meet you guys but i live in californa blue maden way .

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  • Hi I am a huge fan

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  • I dont see 7.5 million subcribers I see 5.6 million subcribers

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  • I laughed when Alan said I want a CHEESEBURGER with no CHEESE

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  • You guys should both match and then go thrue drive thrues then ask for an extra water while one of yoou guys are in the back and then you both go up there so it will be like there is two of you randomly out of no where or you could also say"WHOA you look just like me!!"like you have no idea who he is but also make syre you do that after he comes back from getting the water hehe another idea for u guys...act like a compleat kevin/karen when you are ordering then at the window act super sweet

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  • Ya

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  • What how before u get 7 mil and now 5?!?!

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  • you shold have covered alixes mole

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  • By the end of this video let's just talk about how much water they got just for this video. They probably got more water then the food all together by the end😂😂

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  • But u have 5.1M

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  • where do they keep all the food ? IMAO

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  • 5,1m subscribes

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  • This was very funny video... Awesome

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    • I. Lik. Lik. You

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    • My. Nam. Isabella

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  • I love your video

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  • All u hear us Alex u missed it up🤣

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  • Ya mean 5.0m

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  • he reomoved his shirt to impress the girls lol hahha

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  • Who are you :1 like Andrew 2: like Lexi 3:like Brent 4: like Dom 5: like Lexi H 6: like Ben 7: like Jermey 8: like Kat 9: like Kate 10: like Dereck 11: Glen 12 : Mason 13: Sophie 14:Alex 15: Alan 16: like perison ps sorry idk how to spell it 17: like Caleb 18: Dave I got andrew

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  • I Cant tell the difference between you two

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  • Thanks for one like this means so much to me can we get too likes on my comment and can we get 400K likes on this vid

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  • One of the twins have a mole near the right eye

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  • How expensive do you think this was

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  • done i dare you to go to a resturant or a place just dressed up as jojo siwa to see how pples react

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  • CEP the Hard work on ♥️

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  • Being twins we can do many funny 😂 🤣 things but u don't have a twin ☹️

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  • You guys are lucky to be twins because it makes cool videos

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  • Haha

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  • i actually might do this because i have a twin

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  • I love your video Alan And Alex I want to you guys make other swap twin Drive-Thru

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  • U felt awkward

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  • #LeaveWorkersAlone

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  • I smile so hard when they both say things together at the same time.. that is really cute❤️✨

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  • This is how much time they say OW 👇 👇

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  • Saying the same thing at the same time must be a twinsey thing LoL

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